Bulk storage tanks

South Africa could quite soon be facing a water crisis similar to the current electricity crisis. It is common knowledge that our existing underground water infrastructure has been poorly maintained and has corroded, but it is time for the council to effect repairs, which means we can start to expect many shut-downs as this happens. This means that it is imperative that we start to have freshwater supplies in storage as a backup. The Plumbing Company has been installing bulk water storage systems for many years. We also have the experience and knowledge to design systems, complete with booster pump systems that we have used across many companies, businesses and domestic systems for homes.

Booster pump sets

At The Plumbing Company, we only use the best pumps on the market, because it is imperative that we give you a system that is extremely efficient and is designed for your needs, and with all the guarantees in place. We work in conjunction with our suppliers to size the pumps correctly, depending on the requirements. All our systems are fitted with ball float valves and if requested, we install level float controllers, so you can see your water level in the tank at all times, this is also to protect the pumps. Pumps are built in sets of 2 or 3 connected in parallel, and come complete on mountings with bases.