Solar to reduce your carbon footprint

The Plumbing Company’s qualified plumbers and installers have been installing solar systems since our inception. We know what a fantastic investment you will be making when you purchase one of our solar geyser systems. We were listed and part of the previous Eskom rebate program. Whether you choose an evacuated or flat plate collector system, to suit your lifestyle and needs, they all carry the SABS mark.

Solar geyser benefits

Their popularity is increasing for several reasons. A correctly sized system, has cost savings, is reliable, adaptable and pollution-free, because they use renewable energy from the sun. The modern systems are a lot sleeker and thus blend in a lot better with the look of your home. As an investment, it can cover 100% of your monthly heating bill, ensures hot water during power failures and increase your property value. When you purchase one of our systems, you are making a conscious, responsible decision to help reduce harmful emissions from fossil fuels, while maintaining your quality of life.

Heat Pumps

Heat pump technology is one of the cutting edge technologies when it comes to renewable energy water heating products. Very similar in appearance and function to aircon units, as they use refrigeration cycle to extract energy from the surrounding air (indirectly using solar energy), it can provide you with 60 degrees of hot water, day and night, winter and summer, at a quarter of the cost of an electrical geyser element heater. The Plumbing Company’s staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience in both domestic and industrial heat pump systems.